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After almost 4 years and countless success stories, BIG Potential WAVE for Men has restored male sexual performance at home, in private in as little as 4 to 6 weeks.

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We make it easy to get wave therapy affordably-get started for as little as $59/month. If you choose to pay monthly, we will ship right after the low down payment is made... no waiting.

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After you receive your device, its time to get serious about getting results. We send you a step by step video and our 7 day/week support will help you along the way. Over 85% of men will get results by following the steps

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After using the device for an average of 6 weeks, your results will speak for themselves. As with any wave therapy solution, maintenance sessions are required. Now that you own the device, its easy to do your follow up sessions.


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If you don't love your results after having used the machine for 50 days, send it back to us!*

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